As we close camp every year, the staff gets nostalgic about prior camp sessions and prior staff.  This year was no exception.  This year, for many of us, it was impressed on our hearts the importance of the friendships and memories that we have created at Camp Whispering Pines. 

We hope that our campers have also created many lasting friendships and memories to carry them through the years.

Twinkie, Ted, Leech and Nurse Clara

Paddles Up

Salsa and Pebblez’s Paddles Up group spent their days at Whispering Pines learning to canoe and kayak as they built skills for an overnight at Camp Farnsworth.  There they worked on team building skills and had the unexpected experience of working with the horses.  As planned, the Junior Girl Scouts spent a majority of their time on the Lake in kayaks and canoes. 

Camp Critters

The campers aren’t the only things we find at Camp Whispering Pines

Every day as we have fun around camp, we keep an eye out for our “Critters”.  Whispering Pines has an assortment of stuffed animals and crocheted animals that fit into the year’s theme.  The critters move around the camp, keeping a journal of their daily activities. 

Not only did se see these critters, but we saw some native NH critters.  We saw a deer family, flock of turkeys, chipmunks, squirrels and even a visiting “Cookie” from Camp Farnsworth (aka Director, Karen Provost).  Winged critters included birds and bugs, including a dragonfly that joined us for crafting.

Every year we look forward to seeing the animals return with the year’s new family additions.


Who’s got Girl Scout Pride?

Camp Whispering Pines does!!!

 On Tuesdays at Camp Whispering Pines we encourage all girls and staff to wear their Girl Scout Uniforms to show GS pride.  We saw uniforms from Daisies to Cadettes, with all of the levels in between.  We even got to see Thin Mint and Samoa cookies!  The traveling uniform display was available for us to see the different uniforms that girls wore throughout GS history.

 Ted brought in her uniform from the 70s and let a camper model it for us.

Camp Cookies DSC05460 Grace in Late 70s Uniform GS Pride

Sharkbait and Pixie

SharkBait & Pixie were two of the four staff that came from AZ (yes, Arizona!) where they attend college and are staff at a resident GS camp to join us for two weeks at Camp Whispering Pines.  The AZ staff taught us new songs, games and fit right in with us NH Girl Scouts. 

 The Artful Antics and Girl v. Camp girls had lots of fun with them tie-dying shirts, swimming, mastering archery skills, learning songs for the overnight and building life long friendships.

 The campers (and staff) hope SharkBait, Pixie, Houdini and Salsa will be able to join us next summer too (hint, hint).

DSC05611 Pixie 7 SharkBait 9 SharkBait and Campers

Sunflower’s Artful Antics girls were so busy having camp fun that they didn’t take the time to have too many pictures taken.

 “We did archery using bows and arrows.  We tried to hit the balloon or the target.  We made s’mores in Pringles cans using solar energy. We took pictures of us learning to carve fun shapes out of soap.  One of us carved a camel, another carved a porcupine and another girl carved a star.”

Whittling2 Whittling1 Sunflower 6