We had fun for our one week of camp! We swam, learned to cook over a fire and made new friends. We can’t wait to come back next year. We had the most fun decorating graham crackers with Twinkie. She taught us how to make pretty flowers. The frosting was yummy. 


Team Challenge

We made friendship pillows from the legs of jeans. They were embroidered with pretty flowers. We decorated graham crackers with frosting and learned knife safety with Twinkie.

WP_TeamChallenge1 (1) WP_TeamChallenge1 (2) WP_TeamChallenge1 (3)

We did messy bowl today (shaving cream and mud). We made new friends and met new people. It has been a wonderful two weeks of camp. We made armpit fudge (fudge made in a baggie, using body heat to melt the ingredients).